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CBD E-liquid Vaping

CBD Vape E-liquid

CBD Oil or E-liquid is a concentrated form of Cannabidiol extracted from the hemp or cannabis plant and comes in liquid form. This E-liquid can then be heated and inhaled through an E-Cigarette, Vaporizer or your chosen vaping device.

Ingesting Cannabinoids orally possesses a number of drawbacks including delayed effect and inconsistent absorption compared to Smoking or Vaporizing.

Various flavoring agents are added to enhance the taste of our CBD E-liquid and to enhance your vaping experience.

The Effects of Vaping CBD E-liquid

Vaping is one of many popular methods to provide your body with CBD.

The effectiveness of CBD E-liquid helping with illnesses and diseases hasn’t yet been scientifically proven, and we do not claim to diagnose or treat any illnesses or diseases.

We suggest that you conduct your own research from the thousands of reputable sources available online. WEARECBD Ltd is a UK registered company offering a variety of CBD E Liquids, tinctures and CBD products. Our products and our statements online are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

How Long Does CBD E-liquid Last?

The measure of milligrams in each e-liquid bottle ranges from 25mg-300mg depending on your selection and it is unlikely that you would go through an entire bottle in 1-2 days but this may vary depending on your vaping habits. For Example if you only vape frequently then a 10ml bottle of CBD could last between 5-10 days.

What Strength of CBD is for me?

One of the most important purchasing criteria for most people is how much CBD each e-liquid bottle contains.

Our Cannabidiol Strengths vary from 25mg – 300mg with 25mg being the least strength. News in your inbox

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All E-liquids should be kept away from the reach of children.

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